Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New To Working Out? How To Find An Activity You Love

Written By: Shannon Boyce

For a long time, exercise seemed like a chore. It was something to do rather than something to enjoy. I had tried pretty much every type of physical activity. From hip hop dancing to yoga to HIIT training and weight lifting. No matter what I did or what I tried... there did not seem to be a form of exercise that made me happy. So, I pushed through. I put in the time and did workouts that were uninteresting and unfulfilling.

Then it all changed. I managed to throw out my back. That severely limited the exercises I could do. Suddenly, I needed to be more mindful about the way I worked out. This led me to try beginning Pilates (to strengthen my core). Then aerobic dance (to work up a sweat without straining my back). There was something about these workouts that made me feel happy, connected, and proud. I was working out for longer periods of time. And I actually found myself looking forward to my next workout. What a bizarre concept!

This exercise taught me one very important lesson. You don't need to struggle through each and every workout. It can be enjoyable. Are you new to working out? Here are a few tips to help you find an activity you love to do.

Try New Things - And Keep An Open Mind
Never in a millions years did I think Pilates would make me happy. But it did. Which is why it is so important to keep an open mind about things. You might have a bias going into a new workout. Maybe you didn't like to jog when you were younger. Or perhaps you struggled to remember dance steps. It doesn't matter how you used to feel or what you used to like. Focus on the now. Be open to trying new things. Then keep an open mind about them. You might discover that running is your new passion - and Zumba makes you smile.

Think About Your Ideal Working Setting
There is more than one way to workout. That means you do not have to live in the gym to stay active. Unless you want to, of course! In order to achieve success? To find a workout you love? It is important to think about your ideal workout setting. Do you feel most comfortable working out at home? At a gym or recreational centre? Or would you prefer to be in the great outdoors? Once you know the answer to this question... every workout you do will feel more enjoyable. Falling in love with exercise has never been so easy.

Consider Your Personality and Interests
Still not sure how to find an activity you love? Then it is time to consider your personality and interests. Do you like to be around people? Then a class setting might be the ideal choice for you. Try signing up for a spin class with some friends or co-workers. Prefer to be alone? Try going to a run or shooting hoops at a nearby basketball court. If you love to be outside, then why not try hiking, bike riding, or swimming? Music lovers on the other hand, might want to try out a dance class. There are many different styles - so you can definitely find one you love.

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