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Girl's Weekend Is Full Of Surprises ~ ** Caution: Language/Sexual Content **

Hello Everyone,

WOW...what a weekend I had last weekend! I seriously needed one, even though I was having some serious separation anxiety as soon as I crossed the state line. But, we'll get back to that later.

Savannah, Georgia; what a wonderful historic town to travel to. It seriously feels like a world within a world. I forgot my surroundings for a few days. A 3 night trip for a much needed Girl's Weekend - glad, there were some surprises during the trip, some others were certainly not expected. This post, I'm going to share with you the 13 surprises we had on our vacation.

Girl's Weekend Surprise (GWS) #1 - After picking up the rental car for the trip, I noticed there was a CD left in the car from the previous renter. The custom made CD had the word "Blood" written on it. I decided to wait until we were officially on the highway before listing to it. However, I've listen to RAP before and this was nothing like anything I've heard.

Facebook Status: "Cd left in rental...WOW!"

GWS #2 - I decided to bring my giant binder of CD's (roughly 200) that I've been collecting since I was probably 13. Majority of them I've burned myself. However, over the last 30 years, music has changed drastically (in my opinion) and I used to be a huge fan of boy bands, then it switched to heavy rock, then to pop, then to anything that had a decent beat - genre doesn't matter. On one of the CD's, however, this song became very popular on our trip as a Flashback favorite.

(the link takes you to the YouTube video and it's hilarious)

Facebook Status: "Flashback remix CDs!"

Gringo Tacos

GWS #3 - As soon as we crossed the Georgia border, my stomach started churning so bad, you'd think I was going to have to pull over on the side of the road. However, I kept my cool until we were able to stop at a restaurant in Jekyll Island, Georgia (our lunch stop).

We summed it up to separation anxiety. Lucky me!

Facebook Status: "I have separation anxiety at our lunch break! Wtf?!"

We stopped at Tortuga Jacks for lunch. It's beautiful and I wish I could have enjoyed it more than I did. I ordered some taco's to-go and ended up eating them for dinner. I would totally go back, hopefully when I'm feeling better to try more items off their menu.

GWS #4 - As we made it closer and closer to Savannah, did Kristine remember that she forgot her pajamas at home. So, we needed to make a pit stop at Walmart, but we ended up getting more than just her Pj's (but doesn't that always happen?).

Facebook Status: "Kristine forgets her pajamas..."

GWS #5 - After we left Wal-Mart (which by the way, they are the same in every state), instead of getting back on the highway and heading toward downtown Savannah (Kristine drove), we decided to take back roads.

1. She's been the Savannah before (which it why she was driving).
2. I have not.

Facebook Status:
"Take the back way she said...
It'll be fun she said...
It'll be cultural she said..."

You're never really lost, as long as you have a full take of gas.

Hello Hotel!
Finally, we arrived at the beautiful historic hotel & checked in. Once we did, we decided to get a walk in before heading to bed - since we were exhausted. We walked half of River Street and checked out a few stores.

We stayed at the Staybridge Hotel in the Historic District. I highly recommend them as the hotel is right on Bay Street, they have their own parking lot (so you don't have to parallel park on the main road) and it's right across from River Street. We were right in the middle of everything we wanted to do and the trip didn't cost a fortune.

The hotel used to be the old Heinz Ketchup warehouse. For more history, click here. The elevator was installed in August of 1939, while it is a bit slower than what we're used to today, it was a nice touch to know it wasn't upgraded past meeting their safety regulations of today.

GWS #6 - Sunday, May 22nd, was our first official full day in Savannah and since we ended up crashing before 11pm Saturday night, we ended up waking up around 7 am and having breakfast at the hotel before 9 am.

We decided to walk from our hotel to the Georgia State Railroad Museum. They opened at 9 am and we arrived at 9:15 am, it was an extremely early head start for us, but we benefitted from it in the end. We were able to get the pictures we wanted without all the crowds. 

I bought a train for Mark for his birthday, which I'll post a picture later (probably around his party).

We also visited the Coastal Heritage Society, which contains a fort just outside the Railroad Museum.

Along our way back into town after seeing each of the locations listed above, we found something I seriously never thought we'd find.

Facebook Status: "Find self-sticky bra and weave on side of road. Off tour."

There are seriously no words for how we reacted and the shock on our faces.

GWS #7 - Later on that day, we ended up in Tybee Beach for dinner. As we decided to make a pit stop and view the beach itself, we noticed there were a few Port-a-potty's by the beach. However, they were called "Rent-a-Potty." I was certainly confused, but didn't use them.

Facebook Status: "Apparently, you can RENT a potty here...ummm..."

GWS #8 - As I mentioned above, we stopped in Tybee Beach for dinner. We ended up checking out a place called 'The Crab Shack,' which I assumed to be something similar to Joe's Crab Shack (the chain). Nope, the entire menu is totally different. This place is huge and is right on the water. Very relaxing and away from the traffic.

I wasn't in the mood for fish (what's wrong with me?!), so I ended up having chipped pork. Chipped is very similar to pulled, but cut in much smaller pieces. Their BBQ sauce wasn't my cup of tea, but it was more of a mustard flavor. Mustard BBQ type. The pork, however, was smoked perfectly & whatever rub they use is yummy. Kudos to the chef. 

Chipped Pork Platter
Kristine also had corn and it helps explain our next Facebook Status...

"Did you know that the juice from corn can shoot over three feet? Yeah! It can! I got shot with it from ACROSS the table!"

GWS #9 - The following morning, we were finally refreshed after another wonderful night's sleep - no babies kicking my ribs or trying to kick me out of my bed. When I woke up I noticed there was a pillow on the floor, looked at my pillows and noticed it wasn't one of mine (each bed had four). I make my way around to the bathroom (everyone wakes up and uses the bathroom right away - don't make faces about 'ewww a bathroom') and I found 2 more pillows and a blanket. Not quiet sure what Kristine was dreaming about, but, I feel sorry for the pillow's.

Facebook Status: "Pillows...pillows massacre. She killed them! :( they never did anything to her. :("

She swears she was dreaming of a marshmallow.

I'm soooo going to get the "look" for this being in here.

GWS #10 - The DOT. It's a free bus transportation that runs throughout the city all day. Time's vary for weekdays and weekends. Also, if you plan on going, make sure you read the map carefully. The map we were given from the hotel didn't match the map at the actual stop (once we found them of course).

WARNING*** the driver's of the DOT are unique.

Facebook Status: "Riding the DOT is like trying to ride a Tasmanian devil."

GWS #11 - Monday, we decided to finish seeing Savannah downtown area. We had the store's, tour's and park's marked on the map that we wanted to see. Our plan was to begin from one side and work our way back to the hotel, but we ended up taking the DOT to the furthest point and working out way back into town (towards the river & our hotel).

We started half way into Forsyth Park down by the Mansion and heading towards River Street. No joke, it did take the entire day. Along the way, we visited a few places and did some tours (which I'll mention in another post), visited some park's and got amazing pictures under the tree's, visited a church, visited a cemetery (one of the oldest) and went shopping. We also grabbed lunch at our half-way mark.

We stopped at a local place called Kayak Kafe for lunch and ordered some amazing salads. They seemed to be huge when they arrived, but for all the walking we had already done and all the walking ahead of us to get back to the hotel, it certainly was just the right amount of food at a very affordable price.

Broughton Cobb Salad
Mexican Chicken Salad
I ordered the Broughton Cobb Salad & Kristine ordered the Mexican Chicken Salad. Both were to die for.

On our way back to the hotel, on the side of a crossing sign we spotted a unique sticker - Titty Batts. I have no idea and I'm afraid to Google it.

GWS #12 - On our way home Tuesday, we stopped in Amelia Island for lunch at Sliders Seaside Grill. It sits right on the beach and their outside dining is in the sand. It's great to have lunch and still be able to put my feet in the sand. We had lunch there and I bought dessert for later (ended up having it once I got home).

Fried Pickles with Ranch Dressing

Cesar Salad

Dessert Menu
Facebook Status: "Black is not slimming." (Inside joke.)

Amelia Island view from Sliders
GWS #13 - Our pit stop in Amelia Island for lunch was beautiful. This is definitely a beach I want to come back to for a weekend vacation - with or without Mark. We noticed on the way back to I-95 that a few restaurants were next to each other with the most unique name choices. Why these were next to each other - I have no clue, but my guess would be it was a guy's decision.

Facebook Status: "Dick's Wings & Grill right next to Woody's BBQ. What kind of people live here?? Bunch of stiffs."

Well, that completes our 13 Girl's Weekend Surprises on our trip to and from Savannah, Georgia from Orlando, Florida.

It was sure a fun & memorable one and I can't wait to go back and have more surprises during our trips.


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