Sunday, November 6, 2016

Quick and Cute Nail Ideas

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Some times of year are busier than others. Currently, life is getting crazier and crazier as the weeks roll by. There are family gatherings, responsibilities at home, and of course, the holidays. It is becoming harder and harder to find downtime. That doesn't mean you need to sacrifice the little things that make you smile. Like gorgeous nails, for instance! It is possible to speed up your nail routines and get your polish to last longer. Stop worrying about time this season. Try out some of these quick and cute nail ideas.

Try Out Nail Stickers or Wraps. This is one of my personal favourite ways to give your nails a little something special...without sacrificing a ton of time. Nail stickers are super simple to apply. They can go over top of an existing nail colour or be worn under a clear top coat. There are many stickers to choose from, including floral designs and holiday themed add ons. Choose one that makes you smile. Then apply as desired. You might want to add on just one sticker (to create a trendy statement nail) or put one on each nail. The choice is yours! Another option is to use a nail wrap, like the Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips by Sally Hansen. These are fantastic because they take no time to dry and can be applied to your nails in just a few short minutes.

Make Good Use of Gel Polish. If you are searching for a way to shave off a little time, then consider making the switch to gel nail polish. You don't have to head to a salon or spa to get gorgeous gel nails. These days, you can snag the look from the comfort of your home. There are a few ways to do this. The first is to invest in a gel manicure set. (This typically comes with your light, a few polish colours, and gel top coat.) Before long, it will have paid for itself! Plus you get the added bonus of no drying time. Another option is to pick up gel polish colours and gel top coat. These do not require a light but still give you that gorgeous glossy finish. Think about what makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

Try Out Some Super Simple Nail Art. Just because you have a full schedule doesn't mean you should skip out on nail art. The key is to simplify what you do. Rather than paint elaborate floral designs or characters...stick to things like polka dots and stripes. These simple nail art designs will give you a look you'll be proud to show off. Without add on a more detailed pattern or print. The best part? Stamping plates are quite reasonably priced these days. So, you don't have to spend a ton of money to get the beautiful nails you deserve.

Treat yourself to gorgeous nails. Whether you use stickers, wraps, gel polish, or get playful with nail art, you will look!

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