Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Fitness Challenge Day 1

Hey everyone!

Because of Hurricane Matthew, I decided not to do a fitness challenge for October. That didn't mean I took a break from working out, I actually worked out way more! My walks for a past 30 days have been a minimum of 3.1 miles (5K) and I've also spent a lot of time in the gym.
Want to know something crazy? I've maintained my weight and have seen zero progress in the way I look and I'm not feeling as confident as I was at the beginning of the month. I really don't get it, but this is what is called the "funk."

I'm walking a ton, eating healthy (with the exception of during the hurricane) and I just feel blah. I am feeling off my game and determined to find it again. My body is just being weird this month.

Maybe I'm working too hard and my body might be tired and over worked. I'm gong to change up my workouts and walk further. This challenge is going to be light, but still a challenge. If any of the workouts are too easy for you, you can increase them until its challenging enough for you. There are so many great workouts available. Remember to take your rest days when you need them and cut workouts that are not on the same level. Listen to your body!

I know today is November 1st (and a Tuesday). It being the middle of the week shouldn't be an extra excuse for you not to start this challenge. Just do it! Do it with me! Let's do it together!

Use this coming up weekend to shop and restock the fridge. Make a meal prep and a shopping schedule.

Half of this challenge can be done at home, as there is no gym equipment needed.

Today's workout (lower body):

  • Treadmill - Speed 3.2 - Incline 3 (decline every mile) - Distance 3.14 miles - Time 65 minutes
  • Elliptical - Distance 0.25
  • Leg Press - 10 reps @ 70 pounds
  • Crunches (weighted) - 20 reps @ 30 pounds
You can do the workout's I do or makeup your own. Push yourself through this month. 

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