Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kelly D. Smith Excerpt/Interview

Written By: Deanna

Well, since it is book week over at On Your Mark, I chatted with Meredith and got her to agree to a little something special. I recently made a best sellers list, so to celebrate I thought I'd share an excerpt from the book!

"He's single."

Paige's breath caught in her throat. "Cool." She tried not to sound too happy. After all, he was just some rock star - no big deal.

Kenda raised an eyebrow. "Cool? That's all you have to say for yourself?"

"What else am I supposed to say?" Paige shrugged.

Despite the fact that she and Kenda had been friends for a long time, they were very different when it came to these kinds of things. Kenda liked to show how excited she was about thing. Paige, on the other hand, didn't.

She liked to keep that to herself.

Her eyes drifted to the man she had been looking up and down for a while now. His black hair hung damp from sweat. His blue eyes sparkled.

He wasn't as big as Greyson, though when you compared them shirtless they were both well matched for muscle. It was just that Kyle was...thinner.

Paige gave her friend a grin as the boys stepped off stage, it was clear Kenda was about to be very busy. Paige stepped back, allowing Greyson to pull his girlfriend into a deep kiss. Paige turned away from them, letting Kenda and Greyson to have a little privacy as she made her way over to the guitarist who had just stepped off stage. His eyes sparkled as he looked her up and down.

"Did you enjoy the show?"

"I have to admit; you weren't half bad." She crossed her arms over her chest, her grin widening.

"Not half bad?" Kyle laughed softly. "I'll take the compliment."

He stepped past her, heading toward the dressing room, where the rest of his band had gone.

Paige looked around. They were completely alone. "I was wondering, do you think you could give me a ride back to my place tonight?"

"What about Ken - Right, she'll probably be at my place." He laughed softly. "Sure, I'd be happy to."

"You could always stay at my place." Paige shrugged. "I'm sure we could find something to do."

Kyle stumbled over his own feet. Paige glanced sideways just in time to see his brow furrow. Is he really not picking up on this? She mentally shook her head as she closed her eyes just long enough to hide the eye roll.

* * * * *

Kenda and Greyson left pretty quickly after they got backstage, which left Paige alone with a band that she hardly knew. She'd like to get to know Kyle better. Since she had met him earlier tonight she had wanted to rip those torn and tattered skinny jeans off him.

What could she say? Rock stars were her thing.

Of course it helped if they were talented, and Kyle has surprised her by just how talented he was, and how much he knew about music.

"Ready to head out?" Kyle asked as he reached for his guitar case.

"Yeah." She was utterly aware of both other band mates staring at them. "I'll see you guys around!" She gave them a wide smile. With Kenda dating the lead singer of their band, Paige was sure she would have to see them around now and then. Which might mean this is a bad idea. But would it really matter? It wasn't like Kyle didn't know anything about a one-night stand.

They were fun. That's all it was.

As they made their way along the halls and out of the parking lot, neither of them said a word. Hell, it wasn't even until he pulled his little Camaro over in front of her apartment building that she turned to him.

"So, do you want to come upstairs?"

"I'd love to." He was out of his car faster than Paige was. She grinned, stepping out of the car and heading toward the door. Paige was known to go home with some of the band mates that played at the bar where she worked, but she'd never slept with a guy who had been on a best sellers list before.

She unlocked her door and headed for the flight of stairs that was between them and her apartment - and more importantly her bed.

"I wasn't going to offer you coffee or anything," she said as she unlocked the door and pushed it open.

"I wasn't under the impression you invited me up here for coffee." Kyle's voice sounded like silk. He reached out and touched her ass, sending a shiver of pleasure down her spine. Warmth pooled in the pit of her stomach as she took a deep breath and slipped her purse off her shoulder, tossing it onto the brown couch that was to her left as she entered the small apartment.


So, apparently that is bestseller worthy! What do you think? I'd love to hear if you like it! Or if you hate it. Recently, I had a bit of a self-interview about it, clicky. I know how hard it can be to get into the business, so I hope the interview can help anyone who is interested in becoming an author!

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