Friday, September 30, 2016

Don't Worry, Be Happy ~ 9 Simple Ways to De-stress!

Written By: Hope Jennings

Worry's job is to anticipate danger before it arises to rehearse how to deal with it - a sort of mental fire drill. But the risk is that you will get caught in worry-warting. Worry-warts keep their mind's eye on the source of anxiety, while ignoring everything else. Smart worries, on the other hand, catch themselves worry-warting and redirect their momentum into productive action. Here are some simple ways to ease the stress:

1. Get the facts. Base worry on reality, rather than on terrifying fantasy's your imagination has concocted.

2. Analyze the problem and take corrective action.

3. Ask for advice. Part of attacking any problem is asking for help.

4. Never worry alone. When you share a worry, it almost always diminishes.

5. Look for what is good in life. Take an inventory every day of what is good.

6. Exercise. Exercise reduces the anxiety the brain accumulates during the average day. Exercise is one of the best treatments for worry that we have.

7. Sleep properly. Lack of sleep can make you irritable, distracted and prone to useless and destructive worrying.

8. Eat properly. Eat a balanced diet, and take time when you eat so you will make good use of your food. But don't eat to try to make your worries go away.

9. Remember that nothing lasts forever, not even worry.

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