Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 47 ~ It's Not A Weekend Without A Party!

After two amazing nights with my fellow mom's who needed a much needed break... I need to get back on my Paleo/It Works Cycle...

I picked a few magazines that talk about clean eating and paleo and I'm hoping to find some yummy recipes in there that I can share with everyone. Who doesn't love recipes that help fuel your body?

Today is a big day for Mark. He'll be attending one of his friend's birthday parties. Why is it big for him? He hasn't really grasped to the fact that birthday parties aren't just for him. So, when he see's presents... he assumes they are for him.

Speaking of presents... I was going through some bins yesterday... in search for my long lost baseball glove so I can work with Mark... and in one of the bins, I found a birthday present I hid away already wrapped for Mark's 2nd birthday (that I apparently hid from myself really well) that I even started second guessing myself if I actually bought for him or not. Well, sure enough... it was a win and he immediately wanted to open it and set it up. It's the race car connection for his V-tech track. 

So, this is the brand of toy that he has and we just keep adding to it. They have a ton of different playsets that you can add on to the others. Mark currently has these play sets.

It can take up a lot of room, especially if you're connecting them all together (which is technically the idea), but I have two sets per bin, so Mark know he can only play with certain ones at a time. Mainly because his train table doesn't hold the entire set & I don't feel like setting it up in the living room. only to constantly walk over it every time I leave and come home.

Now, for pricing on those... be careful or shop during the sales. Money is tight for me, but I managed to budget them out for Mark. I bought one when he was 18 months and he played with it on and off (he wasn't really into it yet). Then when he got more into cars, he developed the huge liking for the entire set. Some of these sets sell for $40. I think the train station set was just shy of $40 & the train that comes with this does have the option to be motorized. I think I bought the police station set for him as well, but I can't remember the price. The race car track attachment was $11 in my Walmart and I bought that in May for his birthday, but lost it in the house. Go mama! The construction and fire station sets I received off of my donation group (saving myself possibly $50-80 give or take).

Every vehicle, and this is what I love about the entire set, will talk about what they are - like an ambulance or a train and it teaches kids what their purpose is in their "city." Mark has learned so much just from these sets. Is it worth purchasing all of them, probably not, but it is affordable if budgeted and you're kid will learn what these vehicles have to teach them. Yeah... that was kinda of a mini review... back to our normal day post...

A big item they will have at this birthday party is a bounce house. I'm 99.9% sure Mark will stay on it the entire time. But, he'll get to mingle with other kids and burn off energy. That's the big bonus for Mama today. 

Now, I need to make a run to Walmart and find something called "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" and get a birthday gift. I've heard of it, but never seen it. I'm assuming it's similar to Peter Pan. I think Mark already went through his pirate phase last year (around Halloween). This may play while he's napping, which is probably why I've never seen it.

Pictures will definitely be coming today...

Gotta get some fuel in my body, remember to take pictures of my food, fuel my body again with more greens and supplements and remember to stay on track!

I am not fond of parties that only provide pizza and soda for everyone attending. While I was hungry and do have to eat, even portion control on items you haven't had in months can seriously upset your stomach. I'm afraid for tomorrow...or even this evening, as I don't know what to expect and I assume it may be bad.

Mark had a blast at the party, even though we would witness the occasional meltdown. He didn't get a nap until 5pm. Kind of "what's the point?", but if you have kids, you know you desperately want them to take a nap, no matter what the time frame. He only ended up napping for a little over an hour, but ended up back asleep before 11pm for the night as well. He even fell asleep with his baseball glove.

I'm exhausted from little man, so have a good evening everyone!

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