Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pulse - Pray For Orlando

Hello Everyone,

In light of this horrific tragedy that was hit in our community this morning... I ask that each of you pray for the victim's, their families, the first responders, and hug your families a little tighter.

This morning, I woke up to find my Facebook newsfeed being slammed with news reports of a local nightclub at the center of a mass shooting. I was in complete shock, as I've also once stepped foot into the Pulse Orlando Nightclub - for a girl's night last year. I quickly started contacting my friends who frequent that club.

As I waited all day for their responses, I watched the news in tears feeling the fear and hurt for everyone involved - victim's, families, friends, first responders, etc. A huge thank you to the first responders who arrived on scene and stayed and worked the incident. Thank you for saving those who clung onto hope. 

Orlando has now been labeled the city with the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. This is not only a terrorist attack, but also a hate crime. Pulse is a gay nightclub, who was currently hosting their Latino night when the attack took place.

Many people are going to be experiencing survivors guilt from surviving this tragic incident. Some may have just left minutes before, some might have had plans to go out and plans were canceled and some made it out without injuries. We have to be vigilant in protecting them, we need to stick together and love each other.

As today comes to an end, I am thankful my friends and family are safe and well. I will continue to watch the news and help those in need during and after this incident in my community. 

I pray for a quick recovery for those injured, may those who didn't make it rest in sweet peace away from this terrible world, and may the witnesses find strength with each other.

We live in a hard world. We see blessings every day, but sadly we are reminded that the bigger world around us is full of evil. Never give into that. We are stronger than evil.

United we stand, divided we fall.


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