Friday, June 10, 2016

Fun Ways To Display Your Travel Mementos

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Travel is a remarkable thing. It allows us to live outside our own experience. To explore foreign terrain. To escape from those day-to-day responsibilities. While travel is rarely easy on our bank accounts... it is always rewarding. Perhaps that explains why our suitcases are always jam packed with souvenirs, ticket stubs, and subway maps. Once you return home? It can be difficult to know where to put it all. Not to worry. Here are some fun ways to show off those beloved travel mementos.

Create Your Own Travel Shelf. Maybe you travel frequently. Or have done a very small amount of traveling. It doesn't matter which end of the scale you fall on. Your travel memories deserve to shine. Take a moment to collect some of your favorite travel related items. Those items could be framed photographs, shells you collected, small bottles of sand, books and pamphlets, handmade items, sculptures, or artwork. Anything and everything from your travels is fair game. Arrange those pieces in a fun - and creative - way. How? Clear out a shelf or two and put those travel mementos on display. Not only is this a great way to shine a light on some memorable items... but you will smile every time you walk by your travel shelf.

Transform Your Vacation Photos. Most of us take hundreds of photographs on vacation. We typically upload them to our social media accounts and move on. Do more with your travel snaps! There are plenty of great ways to display your favorite photos. One idea is to turn them into coasters. (Decoupage some simple coasters with your travel photos. Or you can print photos and attach them to the underside of a glass coaster.) Another way to display your vacation photos? Pick out some stylish frames and hang travel photos in your most-frequented rooms. Still searching for a new way to show off your pictures? Create a collage. It can feature pictures from one specific trip or a combination of all your vacation snaps.

Make Special Travel Shadow Boxes. Have you ever made a shadow box? This is you chance. Shadow boxes are narrow cases with a clear sheet of glass in front. (They can be bought from your local craft store.) Inside, meaningful items are displayed. Like travel mementos, for instance. You can create your own travel shadow box by pinning or gluing special items inside. Some examples include: foreign currency, airline tickets, photographs, city maps, postcards, journal pages, and receipts. What you include is completely up to you. Ideally you want to choose items that represent your time there. Finished? Once you are done creating your travel shadow box... it is time to display it. Hang it on your living room wall or prop it up somewhere visible.

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