Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fashionable Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Written By: Shannon Boyce

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. Yes, the day is pretty close to perfection. Except for one minor detail: the heat. Scorching temperatures can take a beautiful summer day and make it seem downright unbearable. Turn things around. How? With a few super stylish tips. Here are some fashionable ways to look good and stay cool this summer.

Rock The All White Trend. Not all fashion trends are practical. In fact, most of them are anything but. Thankfully, there is one way to stay stylish and refreshed this season: white. That's right! All white outfits are totally on trend. Just open the pages of your favorite magazine or duck into the nearest mall. You'll see white, white, and more white. There is a good reason for this. White fabric reflects the sun rather than absorb it. (Black clothing on the other hand, absorbs the sunlight and makes us feel hotter.) So, reach for white this summer! Opt for an off the shoulder top or a cute eyelet dress to stay totally on trend. You will look and feel amazing.

Invest In a Cute (And Cooling) Sun Hat. Most of us relegate those oh-so-cute floppy sun hates to days at the beach. Not this year! If you are after a fashionable way to stay cool...reach for a stylish sun hat. The large brim will protect your face from the sunshine and provide some much needed shade. This will help you feel cooler throughout the day. Plus, you can channel your inner celebrity. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Tisdale, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba has all been spotted wearing their very own cute and cooling accessory. So, embrace the season. Choose a sun hat that speaks to you. It might come in a vibrant colour or have cute lettering along the floppy brim. Ideally, you want something that showcases your personality.

Throw A Cute Water Bottle Into Your Summer Tote. Staying hydrated is essential. Not just for your overall health, but when you want to stay cool. Drinking water throughout the day (especially on a hot summer day) will prevent you from overheating. That means you can spend more time outdoors without feeling faint, weak, dizzy, or simply too hot. So make sure you re-usable water bottle is ultra fashionable. There are so many designs to choose from these days. Ones in bright colours, with bold designs, with pictures, rhinestones, and anything else you could possibly imagine. Pick one up, DIY your own, or order a custom (and cute) water bottle for your summer tote bag.

Other Fashionable Ways To Stay Cool This Summer. It doesn't end there. Here are a few other ways to look amazing and stay cool all season long. Wear loose clothing instead of tight ones, choose natural fibers rather than synthetic ones (they breathe better), avoid backpacks (to avoid back sweat), and cut down on the amount of jewelry you wear.

See? With a few simple switches... you will be ultra fashionable this summer. Without sacrificing your comfort.

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