Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Little Man's Last Day!

Hello Everyone,

In November 2015, our local Metro Church offered a Mom's Day Out program for preschool aged children to have a half day of school on Monday's and Tuesday's. While we don't attend Metro Church, they are very welcoming.
There he goes with my keys!

His first day of school, of course being a mom, I took a picture to capture the memory. Hey! Everyone does it. And, if you don't, you need to. Parents are supposed to embarrass their kids down the road.

Today was his last day of school, even though I forgot to take a picture of him like the one above, I did get a chance to snap a picture of my little man after picking him up.

I'm so glad to see how much he's accomplished in 6 months, like learning how not to freak out with mama leaving him at school. Of course, his last day he was racing me to the door and barely said bye this morning.


In the beginning, I seriously considered not putting him in, because I didn't want my baby bird to leave the house so early. You've gotta cut the cord sometime. I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to get things done without having a shadow and singing along with Mickey Mouse Club House in the car while we're running errands.

His first day, I came home after dropping him off and sat in my living room and enjoyed the peace and quiet. The first two weeks, I spent the time catching up on some much needed sleep. After that, I was finally getting chores done. It was great to finally have time to take a shower without hearing "mama" outside the door. It was great to have laundry all washed and put away before his little hands pulled each item out of the bucket or drawer.

Today, I did it again. I came home, had breakfast (not cereal for a change) and sat around the house. My mind has been racing with everything going on that I've actually made myself so drained. I laid in bed for 3 hours staring at the ceiling hoping to get a nap before picking him up, but that didn't happen.

The major blessing, besides having some quiet for those two days a week, was the daily cost. $25 a day. Who can beat that? No other daycare in the area. As he grows, however, he'll phase out of the school and I'll have to find a daycare to steals an entire paycheck in one week. Ugh! The lowest daycare for a full week Monday - Friday from 6am - 6pm that I've found near me is $170 and thankfully it's right in the heart of the area I'm always at.

Do you take pictures of your little ones on their first and last day of school to see how much they've grown?


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