Friday, November 18, 2016

Oh, What Fond Memories...Comical...But Fond Memories!

Written By: Meredith

So, after a looong discussion with my mom about what we should be thankful for this year...I stumbled across a picture on Pinterest about the most haunted places in Florida. While Halloween has past, I always like to learn the history of old places in Florida - since it would be a nice day trip with my bestie (she's also a history buff).

see this...don't do this...i did this...3 months before i got pregnant with my son. and i totally blame this chair... my ex and i didn't play it safe for 11 years and NEVER had an oops...and the one time we played it safe...well, hello Mark!

One place on the list that I have been is Cassadaga, Florida. It's only about an hour north of me and my bestie and I did make a day trip of this around July/August 2013. While I have no idea where my personal pictures are from this trip, everything you can find through Google is accurate.

In one of the cemeteries, there is what is known as the Devil's Chair. There is a ton of information about it here.

Me, being the dare devil that I am... tempted fate. Read the caption on the picture. 

So, what am I thankful for? The Devil's Chair...because without it, I never would have had my life changing oops who turned out to be my fun spirited son who beats to his own drum!

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