Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Fitness Challenge Day 2

Hey Everyone!

On the days that I don't go to the gym, I workout from home with the weight of my own body. Performing simple functions, such as picking up your children (who weigh 30-60 pounds of dead weight) is still considered working out in my book. Lay on the ground and do a few reps of bench pressing with them. They will thinks it's a game (make it a fun one) and you will get a workout. Making it a game for them, will help you stay accountable - because they will want to do it everyday with you. Even better, scheduling it for a specific time of day, such as before breakfast or an hour before lunch.

While I'm nowhere near being able to bench press...yet... I made a game out of my at home workouts, so that little man and I can do them together.

Day 2 Workout (Home Workout Day 1):

Push-ups, Sit-ups and Squats. An at home, full body workout - that will take you less than 10 minutes. A friend of mine told me about some apps I could download to help me achieve these mini goals at home...

Runtastic Apps (they have many other's than the one's I'll be talking about today):
-Runtastic Push Ups (Free) - It's time to push yourself! This app will help you master the classic body weight exercise. It turns your iPhone into your PERSONAL TRAINER. Use the app to strengthen your muscles anytime, anywhere. This strength move doesn't require a gym membership or equipment. Do you body some good and let Runtastic help you live a healthier, fitter life. This app has a proximity sensor that counts all of your push-ups as you do them.
-Runtastic Sit Ups Workouts Trainer & Counter (Free) - Work those abs, baby! Your PERSONAL TRAINER, helps you stay on track. Get serious and motivated with your app to ensure you reach your goal. Sit-ups are among the most popular strength exercises when it comes to a flat belly and ripped abs for a reason. They're highly effective and will help you take a big leap towards your sixpack. Seize the moment, make the most of your motivation and kick-off your journey to perfect abs!
-Runtastic Squats - Workouts, Trainer & Counter (Free) - Drop it like a squat! Want strong, defined thighs and a firm butt? I do! Step by step, this app helps you achieve your goals! Challenging? Yes! Too difficult? Not at all! Squats not only strengthen your legs, but they also train your core.

After your workout, don't forget to properly refuel to help you recover better and prepare you for tomorrow's workout.

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