Sunday, May 15, 2016


Hello Everyone,

This evening, I opened my door to find this glowing box on my door step. Okay, it wasn't really glowing, but I was extremely excited to receive it!

But, it's here! It's early and I'm excited! Now, let's open the box!

My very first IT WORKS! package has arrived and at my doorstep. Okay, sorry, let's continue. I joined last week by signing up under my best friend, Allison. After trying a few of the products and falling in love with them (and forgetting to blog about them), I decided to order the regular size packages (I received some sample items from her) and to give everyone my full and honest (unpaid) opinion about the products.

First off, I'm a distributor. Not just a customer. I wanted the full effect of enjoying these products to the absolutely fullest. Being able to discuss with other distributors about why they like the products just as much as me.

Second, my mom is the biggest skeptic in the world. Anything I've wanted to try or have actually done, always always begins with "Go ahead and waste your money. It's a scam. It's a pyramid scheme."

Do I have a habit of wanting more information before I buy into things? Yes, of course, everyone should.

I sampled. I tasted. I felt.
I asked questions I didn't have the answers to.
I did two month's of research and weighted my pros and cons.


Inside the box, I, starting out as a distributor, purchased the Business Kit (which is the bigger box that is sealed). What's inside? I have no idea, I haven't opened it yet.

I also purchased Greens On The Go.
Let me talk about this a little first.

These come in those little single powder packets that you pour into a bottle of water with the same labeling as the box. Simple and easy enough to stick in your pocket or purse and head out the door. This is one of the reasons why I love them so much. The other reason is that they taste amazing. However, I mix mine with orange juice. Makes it taste a little sweeter, but to me, it tastes better than putting it in water.

Looks? Well, let me be blunt! No matter what you mix it in - it looks like swamp water. If looking at something like swamp water would make you not want to drink it, I would suggest putting it in a water bottle that is a solid color and you can't see through it. I promise it tastes much better than it looks. My mother even tried it - of course, she doesn't like sweet - so the orange juice mix wasn't a hit with her.

Next, I purchased the Greens Chews. If you like starbursts, I guarantee, you'll love these. I don't chew them, I suck on them. I enjoy the flavor and I rather not get them stuck in my teeth, plus, they last longer.

And, finally, I purchased the Cleanse. This is all the rave right now and I've currently been stuck at a weight that I can't seem to get over, so hopefully, this will be the nice little shove that I need to continue my training.

As I use each item, I will talk about how it works, how it makes me feel and so much more.

I'm excited about this new path I'm heading down. I'm excited to see what the future holds.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, what was your experience with them? Good or Bad?


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